RUMS Review Needs You *Extended Deadline*  
More positions on next year's editorial team are now available​. Please read below to find out the details for each position, why you should consider applying and how to apply

What's on offer: 

  • An opportunity to pursue medical journalism. 
  • Improve on writing/journalistic/editorial skills. 
  • ​Become more involved in UCLMS life and a rapidly evolving student publication that reaches over 6000 alumni, staff and students. 
  • Explore a wide range of interests. 
  • Flexible, self directed work load. 
  • Opportunity to win student publication awards. 

​​ Positions 

All roles require creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm. We want students who are going to bring ideas to the table and tailor their respective section to the interests of our readership - UCLMS students! Good english skills are preferable, but please don’t be put off by this aspect, creativity is the most important thing. Students get support on technical editing skills and a large team means there is plenty of support. 

If you would like any more information, or to get in touch with existing members of the team, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Position: Online Editor  
Number of positions available: 1
Role description: Probably one of the most important roles, online editor is responsible for maintaining the RUMS Review website and social media pages. The online editor will also have the opportunity to source and edit their own web articles, exploring subjects of interest.

Position: Articles Editor 
Number of positions available: 1
Role description:  The role involves sourcing and editing articles ready for print alongside 2 other articles editors. The role requires enthusiasm and resourcefulness in order to source high quality articles on the most relevant topics. 

Position: Welfare Editor
Number of positions available: 1
Role description:  Dealing with the stresses of medical school isn't always easy, and this section aims to offer students extra help, support and advice. The editor of this section will be responsible for collating useful information from welfare experts, in order to address some of these issues. 

Position: Assistant Treasurer 
Number of positions available: 1
Role description:  The financial aspect of running the magazine is vital for it's success. Due to the high volume of sponsorship deals we arrange, our current treasurer is looking for someone who will be able to assist her in contacting potential sponsors.   

How to Apply 

Please download the following application form  and return to [email protected] by no later than the 19th of August. 

Application form for all positions

RUMS Review Team.