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​​​Millennials and the Changing Face of Plastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery

Recent figures from the USA and UK illustrate that, not only is the popularity of cosmetic surgery at an unprecedented high, but there has been a shift in the procedures requested by patients, and in the patients themselves. Many more men are now seeking cosmetic surgery, with face and neck lifts, male liposuction and gynaecomastia reduction being the most common procedures performed. [...]

AIDS: A Thing of the Past?

As the World Health Organisation unveils its ambitious plan to end the AIDS epidemic completely by 2030, we discuss the path that HIV has ravaged throughout the last several decades of human history, and why hope is now finally on the horizon.  [...]

Barriers to Healthcare for Refugees and Migrants Living in the UK

How the NHS is failing a vulnerable demographic. [...]

Drugs, Sex & Gender: Why One Prescription Doesn’t Fit All

Issy Good explores how sex can be overlooked in science and what the subsequent consequences might be.  [...]

UCL Medical School Change Day

UCL Medical School Change Day took place on 8th June, and was a successful push to involve the wider public in the training of medical students. The event was organised as a joint effort between students, staff and members of the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) team at UCL Medical School [...]

Prescribing Prevention 

Dr Farrah Jawad is a registrar in Sport and Exercise Medicine.  She currently works at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health in London and co-ordinates the British Journal of Sports Medicine Trainee Perspective blog which can be accessed via .  She tweets at @FJSEM [...]

Zika: The Spread to Americas and the implications for the Olympic Games in Brazil

 Amidst eager anticipation of the 2016 Olympic Games, the Zika virus outbreak has taken the world by surprise. Questions surrounding the virus’s transmission and its contributions to birth defects are abound, while researchers are fervently working to find a vaccine.  [...]

Medical student mental health: are our medical schools failing us?

Surrounded by a culture of excellence and competition, assuming the responsibilities of qualified medical professionals and juggling the escalating financial burden of university living, it is no surprise that medical students might often end up feeling blue.  [...]

It’s nothing personal Jeremy, honest. 

Finally, negotiations have ceased! Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has decided to “end the uncertainty for the service by proceeding with the introduction of a new [Junior Doctor] contract”. Thanks, Jeremy.  [...]

Life After the Floods 

A month on, and the floods which raged through many of the UK's towns and cities seems a life time ago. Joe Hearle examines the impact this had, and is still having, on the health of the effected areas [...]

I’m a Junior Doctor – On the Precipice of Strike Action

Ghagan Bhatnagar is a Clinical Oncologist and Junior Doctor and explains why he feels Junior Doctors would be justified in taking strike action.
Industrial action is not a step that a doctor takes lightly.
I am not unique, nor am I alone. There are 50,000 junior doctors who have made the same [...]

Healthcare Workers For All

Medic to Medic (M2M) at UCL is a branch of a pioneering charity, which aims to support health workers in Malawi and Uganda, including doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses and midwives.
M2M provides disadvantaged trainees with necessary equipment and [...]

Manchester: A New NHS Care Transformation

With an increasing demand on diminishing resources there is little doubt that the NHS is facing some of its biggest challenges since its birth in 1948. However, with these 21st century challenges comes the potential for some of the most exciting transformations in the lifetime of the NHS. The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution represents the infancy of this change [...]