RUMS Review is a termly publication- which as the name suggests, retrospectively acknowledges, celebrates and evaluates UCL medical school's current affairs. We endeavour to inform, inspire and intrigue you by providing the platform to explore what matters to you. Top alumni interviews, in depth looks into UCL’s most exciting medical research, topical debates and discussions, tips and advice, raising issues, creative writing, book reviews and an extensive sports and societies round up are to name but a few of the features to cover our wide spectrum of contents.
The magazine is produced by an editorial team composed entirely of students, and we actively encourage anyone who is interested to get involved. Do you have a particular interest or view point? Are you interested in writing, medical journalism or editing? Do you have an issue to raise or a unique experience to share? The RUMS Review team would like to know.
The magazine was founded in June 2015 by UCL medical students Rebecca Mackenzie and Sophie Bracke. They believed that, too often, the successes and work of medical students went unnoticed. The aim of the magazine therefore became to provide an opportunity to share the achievements of students with peers and colleagues alike.